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If you arrive late, you have to wait in Slovenia.

If you arrive late, you have to wait in Slovenia.

All of Germany is occupied by the corona virus … All of Germany? No!

A football stadium populated by indomitable Saxons and British never ceases to offer resistance to the intruder. Though, resistance? Ignorance would be more appropriate. While Asterix and Obelix in the comics of the same name in the only resistant Gallic village give the Romans one on the hat, the intruder – in this case the corona virus – is ignored in the Champions League round of 16 between RB Leizpig and Tottenham Hotspur (3-0). As in the ICE from Berlin. A group of English people in their late 30s to mid 40s.

90s Tottenham Hotspur shirts. Beer bottles on the table. „We don’t care about Corona,“ says one. „We flew to Berlin and no one at home said we shouldn’t go.“ The man next to him adds: „We’re not going to act any differently now. If someone holds out my hand, I’ll shake it too.“ And again the first: „What should you do? If you hadn’t gone to the game, you would have gone to the pub – there are a lot of people there too, that comes out the same.“ You may think what you like about fear of the virus.

It can be argued whether the game in Leipzig should have taken place in front of 40,000 fans and whether such an erratic spread of the corona virus should have been accepted. There is no notice on the RB homepage before the game – not even for foreign supporters who may not be able to assess the situation in Germany very well. A woman from the media department referred to the disinfectant dispensers. When asked about this, Leipzig’s managing director Oliver Mintzlaff said after the game: „We don’t deal with such a situation every day and have tried at least to provide sufficient hygiene products. I assume that too that the foreign fans all watch television and that everyone now knows how to wash their hands and how to disinfect themselves. “ Meanwhile, other Bundesliga games are turned into „ghost games“, a number of games in the premier class – including that of FC Bayern against FC Chelsea next week – will take place without spectators and the DEL ice hockey playoffs will even end early.

In Leipzig itself, the book fair was even canceled. Uniform decisions in the country, city and sport look different. Mintzlaff admits: „We are not the Corona experts either and there is certainly still room for improvement.“ On the way to the stadium there is only one subject in the jam-packed tram. But the corona virus does not spread concern or panic among Leipzig fans.

Two gentlemen around 60, beer can in hand: „Oh, it doesn’t matter whether 40,000, 5000 or 1000 people are there. You can’t do anything about that anyway. And Asians throw them out of here anyway.“ With the last sentence, the two address the racial profiling campaign by RB Leipzig when they threw 20 fans out of the stadium in the home game against Bayer Leverkusen, who the security forces believed to be Japanese based on their appearance. Some take the virus with humor: „Everyone on the way to the corona demo,“ joke some. „We’ll drink the virus away,“ say the others. Saxony and Great Britain are areas with comparatively few infections and outdoor events offer a lower risk of infection. „As of the start of the game, we had four infected people in Leipzig,“ Mintzlaff wants to appease after the game, „and in my opinion the health authorities did the right thing so that you don’t panic.“ But fans from all over Germany and overseas came to the game against Tottenham. They have little to do with the four infected people in Leipzig, but parts of the RB fan scene feel that something is going wrong: Several hundred fans decide before the Champions League hit to give their tickets instead of going to the stadium.

Mitzlaff is about to kick off on the field and proclaims: „Health is our top priority.“ But the coronavirus not only has an impact on the number of spectators in stadiums, but also potentially on the outcome of football matches. „It would have been a disadvantage for us to play with fans in Tottenham and without fans in Leipzig,“ said Leipzig coach Julian Nagelsmann before the game.https://123helpme.me/to-kill-a-mockingbird-essay/ RB can play against Tottenham again in front of their own supporters: „It was important for us that our fans were there today, even if health is of course more important than football,“ said goalkeeper Peter Gulacsi after the encounter. „At 1-0 the hut exploded,“ says double-goal scorer Marcel Sabitzer, „that carries you and of course helps“. Other teams no longer have this support at home. „Ghost games“ could take on their very own dynamic. The home teams also lose financially without fans and Leipzig of course gladly took the officially sold-out house against Tottenham with them. At halftime there are also no signs of coronavirus fear in the Gallic village of Red Bull Arena.

The crowds jostle for the toilets and the beer stands. After all: After the game, Tottenham coach José Mourinho and Nagelsmann shake hands instead of hands. Source: ntv.de „“ Refugees have to cross the border in Spielfeld on foot. (Photo: REUTERS) Austria pulls the brakes, only 80 Asylum applications may be made at the border crossing in Spielfeld per day. Bulkheads tight, that’s the Viennese recipe. But the EU and constitutional lawyers say: It’s not that easy. The good news first: The refugee crisis has been resolved. The bad: it’s an Austrian solution.

For months, the government in Vienna has been adopting one measure after the other to reduce the number of arriving refugees: border controls at twelve crossings, fences to protect the green border, an upper limit of 37,500 asylum seekers for 2016. Yesterday, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl rejected the situation -Leitner from the conservative ÖVP sets a daily upper limit: At the crossing in the Styrian Spielfeld, where the majority of the refugees arrive, only 80 asylum applications are accepted per day. If you arrive late, you have to wait in Slovenia. 3200 people a day are let through if they „want to apply for international protection in a neighboring state,“ as the interior minister said. Translated, this means: a maximum of 3200 people per day are forwarded to Germany. Anyone who specifies a destination other than Austria or Germany has been refused anyway, and has been for weeks. The Austrian government apologizes for the heavy burden that the small country is exposed to: 90,000 people applied for asylum last year, and Austria became together with Sweden and Germany the main point of contact for refugees. „We are at the limit,“ said Mikl-Leitner at the end of last year in the ARD. The current measures only seem consistent.

But: They are not legal, says the Austrian constitutional lawyer Heinz Mayer n-tv.de „Everyone has to be admitted as an asylum seeker. If someone like that is refused entry, it is illegal.“ Defense Minister Doskozil and Interior Minister Mikl-Leitner inspect the border Spielfeld. (Photo: AP) Austrian human rights groups loudly criticized the decision. Caritas warned of a backlog and a „competition of atrocities“ in the EU, the Greens accused Mikl-Leitner of undermining the right to asylum. In the European Union, too, the Austrian advance has raised doubts.

EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker sent an unequivocal message to Federal Chancellor Werner Faymann of the SPÖ: „I don’t like this decision,“ he said. „The question arises as to whether this corresponds to EU law.“ The Ministry of the Interior in Vienna said in a relaxed manner when asked by n-tv.de: „Mr Juncker should explain the specific provisions that he sees at risk,“ said Ministry spokesman Karl-Heinz Grundböck. “We do not see any difficulties under international or European law.” Mayer, a constitutional lawyer, disagrees. „If someone asks an officer for asylum at the border, it goes without saying.“ So simply locking it off is not possible. In fact, there is a decision by the European Court of Justice that supports this view: The judges saw Italy as responsible for the asylum applications of people who had been pushed away by the coast guard. The court’s argument: The refugees were not on Italian soil, but they faced Italian authorities. That would mean: If the 81st refugee of the day asks an Austrian official for asylum, the application must be valid.

Whether it will then be rejected or handed over to another country in accordance with the Dublin rules is a downstream question; Mayer expects the border controls to remain ineffective anyway. „We have such a long green border with Hungary, Slovenia and Italy. People will overcome them.“ However, the government has to do something, after all, the current asylum law is not designed for the recent mass immigration. “Then there is the high domestic political pressure.” It plays a major role: Faymann’s grand coalition is in a bad position in the polls. Heinz-Christian Strache’s right-wing populist FPÖ is more than 30 percent each around ten percentage points ahead of the SPÖ and ÖVP. The major parties are already trembling before the 2017 National Council election.

The tabloids and free newspapers are financed primarily by the big parties through expensive advertisements, but in their toxic comments against black and red they leave no doubt that they see themselves more as dogs than sticks. Ever since Faymann adopted his new motto „Border security is the order of the day“, his house paper „Krone“ has been praising him again as usual. „Tabloid politics“ was what the Austrian edition of „Zeit“ called the government’s latest decisions in a horrified comment. “Collateral damage in the implementation process is accepted with a shrug of the shoulders – even if it involves refugees from the Syrian war hell.” In March, it will be decided whether the Austrian solution is legally viable. Then the opinion of two legal experts should clarify to what extent the targeted upper limit of 37,500 asylum applications per year is even legal.

Heinz Mayer has already passed his verdict: „That doesn’t work either,“ says the constitutional lawyer. What happens in this case when asylum seeker number 37.501 makes an application, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner has always smiled away at this question. Her visit on Tuesday at the border crossing in Spielfeld provided a little hint.

Together with Defense Minister Hans Peter Doskozil, she watched an exercise from the back of a truck: police officers and soldiers played refugees, shook bars, threw mineral water bottles and shouted „Let us go!“. Her uniformed colleagues calmed the situation and led individuals away. So everything is under control. The ministers looked satisfied. Source: ntv.de „“ Eric Dier couldn’t stop after the game. (Photo: imago images / PA Images) After the cup game between Norwich and Tottenham, nobody was interested in the result. An uproar after the final whistle caused a sensation: Tottenham’s Eric Dier freaked out, stormed into the stands and attacked a fan.

It was about his brother. Tottenham professional Eric Dier faces a presumably long suspension after he clashed with a fan in the stands a few minutes after the lost penalty shoot-out after the FA Cup match against Norwich. As several videos that have surfaced in the social networks show, Dier freaked out, stormed into the stands, angrily climbed over 20 rows of seats and confronted the mob. Eyewitnesses report that he kept saying „He’s my brother!“ should have screamed.

The angry Tottenham star had to be slowed down by several stewards and other fans, again and again the 26-year-old stormed forward and attacked his opponent in a heated exchange of blows. According to consistent media reports, the Tottenham fan in question had previously disapproved of the family and especially voiced the younger brother of Eric Dier. How the alleged insults got through to Dier himself is still unclear. Tottenham’s head coach José Mourinho criticized Dier for his behavior at a press conference, but still defended him. „This person insulted Eric, as well as his younger brother and the family present. Of course, Eric wasn’t happy about that.

He did what you are not allowed to do as a professional, I really want to emphasize that, but you probably would like to sometimes. „According to media reports, the incident took place in the area where players‘ relatives have cards which, according to Mourinho, doesn’t have the “real fans” next to the families. “Of these people in these privileged positions, in this area of ​​the tunnel, there are of course some Tottenham fans, but I think there are a lot of people invited were, people with a certain special status. The real fans would support us right up to the last ball. „After the incident, Dier was escorted to the locker room and is said to have sat there about an hour after the final whistle.

At first it was suspected that Dier was sensitive to racial slurs against his teammate Gedson Fernandes. Mourinho admitted that his protégé had overshot the mark, but the head coach did not want to comment on rumors of insults against Fernandes. Should the club want to do something against the England international, he can rely on the protection of his coach: „If the club wants to do something, I will not agree.“ Eric Dier is one of six children and has two younger brothers, Edward and Patrick . It is still unclear which of the brothers was involved in the dispute.

Next week, Dier is due to present his version of the events to the English Football Association at a hearing. He not only has to explain his behavior towards the fan, but also justify himself for leaving the field without permission. Source: ntv.de, lgr „“ Chancellor Merkel is currently unable to implement her goals in Europe. That’s why she doesn’t even try. (Photo: dpa) The future of Angela Merkel will be decided by the refugee crisis, say many observers.

The EU summit should be the big showdown. But the Chancellor is inevitably dampening expectations.