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I’m also very excited about her outfit!

Russia Sergey Lazarev „You Are The Only One“

Lars: A mercilessly cloned song, whose cultivation in the test tube was all set for victory. Bayern Munich for this year’s contest. For Russia only the title counts. And no expense was spared for that.

Sonja: Russia wants to win, you can hear that in every bar. And Russia will win if nothing serious goes wrong.

France Amir „J’ai cherché“

Lars: With this good mood song, the Grande Nation could once again achieve a good placement after years full of failures at the ESC.

Sonja: Amir could really manage to tear France out of years of ESC sadness. The song is suitable for radio and to be on the safe side, it even sings a few lines in English so that everyone can understand it. Possibly the Russians‘ greatest competitor for victory.

Ireland Nicky Byrne „Sunlight“

Lars: Solid pop number as it gushes out of the format radio a thousand times a day. Exchangeable. But the finale is possible. 

Sonja: The most famous artist in the competition, because Nicky Byrne used to sing for the boy band Westlife. That won’t help him too much though, his song is unfortunately quite boring. However, I would like Ireland to make it to the final again.

Sweden Frans „If I Were Sorry“

Lars: I think that’s a nice move from the Scandinavians. This year they leave the victory to someone else.

Sonja: Frans is a cute boy, but personally his song is too sloppy for me. There will be no defense of the Swedish title.

Australia Dami Im „Sound Of Silence“

Lars: No – we’ve heard enough of this kind of ballad in the past few years. Mostly from Eastern Europe.

Sonja: Only here for the second time and Australia already sounds like any ESC participant. It’s a shame after Guy Sebastian really brought a breath of fresh air to the event last year.

Latvia Justs „Heartbeat“

Lars: If „sounds interesting“ were a guarantee for success, this song would certainly have a chance. I’m not convinced by the electro-pop song and its performance.

Sonja: Another unusual contribution from Latvia. If you still remember the lady in the red dress from last year: She wrote it. This year, however, a cute young man is allowed to run who will definitely make it to the final.

Belarus Ivan „Help You Fly“

Lars: If we ignore the story with the „Naked Among Wolves“ performance, all that remains is a weak 08/15 number. Departure after the semifinals.

Sonja: The PR was right, but the song is far too slack. Since Ivan is not allowed to appear naked or with wolves, the number will be completely lost in the second semi-final.

Estonia Jüri Pootsmann „Play“

Lars: The male Adele? Dark voice, piano, bond song feeling. Could be.

Sonja: My personal favorite this year. A pale boy in a suit who suddenly starts with a deep voice and an elegant appearance. Hopefully it will survive the semi-finals.

The Eurovison Song Contest will take place in Stockholm on May 14th. The ARD broadcasts from 8.15 p.m. t-online.de accompanies the event with a live ticker.

The most successful countries at the ESC. (Source: Statista)

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Soon it will be that time again: 42 countries are fighting for victory in the Eurovision Song Contest in Stockholm. The singing competition can now look back on over 60 years of history, in which a lot has happened.

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The rules were changed from time to time. We present some curious and worth knowing facts with which you are guaranteed to score points at your ESC party. 

Children have their own contest

To participate in the ESC, the artists must be at least 16 years old. This regulation was introduced in 1990 after even eleven-year-olds were sent to the contest. In 2003 they finally created their own Junior ESC.

More than six people are not allowed on stage

No children under 16, no live animals and no more than six artists – these are the official requirements for an ESC stage show. Incidentally, supposed solo artists are not always alone on stage: Often there are other singers away from the spotlights who vocal support the main character. This was the case, for example, with Lena’s victory in 2010.

In the 60 years of the ESC, 36 entries did not receive a single point

When juries used to evaluate the entries, it was not uncommon for ESC entries not to receive a single point. In 1975 a new points system was introduced – since then, „zero points“ have been much less likely and therefore much more embarrassing. In 2015 the German singer Ann Sophie and the Austrian band The Makemakes went home with zero points. From 2016, however, such a disgrace will be even less likely, as jury points and those of the audience will be awarded separately.

Not only European countries are allowed to participate

As in 2015, Australia starts as a special guest at the ESC this year. But otherwise the European borders are open to many countries: All member states of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU) are allowed to participate. For example, the ESC landed in Azerbaijan in 2011. Some North African countries are also eligible. So far, however, only Morocco, which competed in 1980, made use of this.

The music always comes from the tape

Until 1998 the artists had the opportunity to be accompanied by a live orchestra. In the meantime the rule has become clearer: all music comes from tape, only the vocals are completely live.

Songs cannot be longer than three minutes

This regulation has existed since 1958. In 2015 there was a new record in this regard, because the Finnish contribution was the shortest ESC contribution of all time at just 87 seconds.

There has been a trophy since 2008 – but not for the singers

A trophy has only been awarded since 2008 – a microphone made of crystal glass. But even if the artists often pose with it, it doesn’t belong to them, but to the composer of the winning title. After all, it is at least officially a SONG contest, a songwriting competition.

The most successful countries at the ESC. (Source: Statista)

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You can find more interesting graphics at statista.com.

It’s a surprise: The German participant for the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) has been determined. Xavier Naidoo is supposed to compete in the international song contest for Germany. We asked the readers of t-online.de: Is that the right choice?

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After Måns Zelmerlöw won this year’s Eurovision Song Contest, it is now clear where the next one will take place. In 2016 the singing competition will take place in the Swedish capital Stockholm. In and around the Globen event arena.

For the sixth time – Sweden wins ESC – debacle for Germany

For the sixth time

Sweden wins ESC – debacle for Germany

Måns Zelmerlöw wins with „Heroes“. Ann Sophie doesn’t get a single point. Video

Stockholm and the hosting broadcaster SVT wanted to set up a „completely new, innovative arena concept“ for the two semi-finals and the final between May 10 and 14, 2016, according to a statement.

Show taken to a new level

Not only the main arena Globen, but the whole area with several halls should be integrated into the event. With the location, the show will „be raised to a new level“, said Martin Österdahl, producer of ESC 2016.

Sixth win for Sweden

Zelmerlöw won the sixth Grand Prix victory for Sweden on the night of May 24 this year with the song „Heroes“ in Vienna. Germany ended up in last place with zero points in the final.

Grandma saved the ESC winner from the tsunami: “ We looked down at the sea – there we saw the giant wave “ „Zero points are zero points“: That is what Ann Sophie says about the ESC debacle Photo show: Grand ESC final in Vienna CD review: Måns Zelmerlöw „Perfectly Damaged“: Between Euro-Disco and simple pop music

„ESC also folk festival“

„I’m looking forward to welcoming all of Europe to Stockholm and to one of the world’s largest TV events,“ said SVT boss Hanna Stjärne. The ESC is not only a music festival, but also a folk festival – „and in Stockholm we will offer both.“

She ended up in last place at the ESC and now has to deal with this debacle. For the first time after this fiasco, singer Ann Sophie spoke about her defeat on Markus Lanz’s program. „At some point I thought to myself, it is better now if you stay at zero points (…) I also had no desire for consolation points and hugs of sympathy,“ said the 24-year-old.

For the sixth time – Sweden wins ESC – debacle for Germany

For the sixth time

Sweden wins ESC – debacle for Germany

Måns Zelmerlöw wins with „Heroes“. Ann Sophie doesn’t get a single point. Video

Nevertheless, she was able to enjoy her performance in Vienna last Saturday. „Personally, I achieved what I wanted to achieve for myself. I was able to let go in those three minutes, I absolutely enjoyed it.“ After her performance she felt so good: „Everything was nice and then suddenly it wasn’t nice anymore!“


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